Why Is Online Reputation Important?
… and how we can help YOU — watch this 4 minute video

(Hint: It’s not gaming the system or getting fake reviews. It’s all about capturing real reviews from your customers and easiest way for them to post reviews on sites like Google and Facebook. Then sharing them on social media and your website.)

In today’s world of connected customers, your online reputation determines whether customers choose you over competitors. Reviews have a bigger impact on Search Engine Optimization, customer loyalty, and revenue than ever before. We can show you how to successfully grow your business with online reviews. (More text below if you like to read instead of watch video)


And this 1 minute Explainer Video

Internet reviews are today’s definitive form of social proof—people don’t buy anything anymore without looking at them.

A person doesn’t decide which restaurant to eat at… the television they’ll buy… the company they buy services from… until they read online reviews.

So you better believe 90% of prospects scope out your online reputation before they even consider contacting you.

And if you have poor (or no) online reviews showing up on sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook, guess what? Nine times out of 10, prospects are going to choose your competitor down the street with the abundance of five-star internet reviews.

Studies show that a single bad online review influences 86% of buyers. Those same studies also reveal online reviews have so much influence that just a one-star increase on review websites like Yelp can increase profits by 5% to 9%.

Yup… it’s safe to say that your online reputation can make or break your business.

Our Online Reputation Marketing package allows direct control over your online identity. With ORM, you can bolster your online reputation and improve your ratings to significantly boost sales.

Here’s a taste of what our ORM package does for you…

  • Monitors customer reviews across all popular review websites
  • Converts happy customers into glowing, sales-producing online reviews
  • Stops negative reviews BEFORE they happen
  • Turns positive reviews into automated SEO-friendly web and social media content
  • Provides regular comprehensive reporting regarding the “health” and status of your online reputation

With Reputation Marketing, you will see a huge increase in positive online reviews across the review websites that matter most to your business.