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Does your computer ever make sounds or play music and you have no idea where it is coming from?

If you’re like many –  like me… you keep lots of windows and tabs open.

I found an answer… Chrome has a built-in feature to show you what’s playing… in any tab in any window!

Control music, video, or anything that plays sound in a Chrome tab.

Play music or sound across Chrome tabs

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. In a tab, play music, a video, or anything else with sound. You can stay on that tab or navigate to a different one.
  3. To control the sound, at the top right, click Media control .
  4. You can pause, go to the next song or video, or click to go back to the tab where the song or video plays.

Tip: Your media will continue to play whether you stay in the tab or go to a different one.

Here is a link to the complete details from Google.

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